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[Supplies] Custom Scripts and Other Stuff - Requests and Downloads

Hello everyone,

This thread contains some of the scripts I've written or found that will help our troops in the field during the dominance war.

I've gone ahead and rewritten Neil Blevin's old "Wire Jumble" script into a new, more robust utility called "Wire Jumble". You'll find it's now a trivial task to get wires spread over your characters, and it's the first (hopefully of many) utility contributions from your local Supplies coordinator.

I'll keep my ear to the ground if I find any other good scripts or utilities that'll help the war effort.

Download the Wire Bundle Script here.
Learn how to use Wire Bundle with this week's Monday Movie.

Let me know if you find any errors, or if you think it's worth expanding this script to do other cool things (like more "orderly" bundles).


This one was called "Weld TexVert" and it added a tool to your unwrap UVW window that let you interactively weld UVW verts in the same way you'd weld them in editable poly. Kind of a nice little feature for when you're working on UVWs. You can find it in the UnwrapUVW modifier's "edit" window under "Tools>Weld Selected...". Ordinarily you'd have to try to weld the verts, and if you didn't like the threshold, you'd have to go Options>Preferences>Weld threshold every time.

You can download the 3dsMax plug-in here.


--Mr. B
Be sure to check out my blog because there's tons of useful resources there:

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