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Anybody have good schools to share?

Well, I am beginning my first step in pursuing 3d modeling/animation as a career, so I was wondering if there were any colleges/universities that really stand out to some of you, and since it is very hard, from what I have searched *about 2-4 hrs each night* to find schools with good programs, I would be interested in what all of you have to say. I would also prefer it to be in Chicago, LA, or New York lol just because I have family that live out that way. As well as it being an accredited school that will give me a B.A. Degree. Thanks for the help
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I can't speak for those areas, but if you hope to someday have a career in the industry most of your learning will be at home, so make your decision accordingly. Ultimately it comes down to the portfolio, so look for the best working environment for the price. Then where the local studios are hiring from on Linkedin. That can paint a very different picture than what school reps lead you to believe.

Also understand current students and recent grads can be a bit biased, myself included. Be careful taking advice from people who blame all their problems on the school or are so filled with school pride that they think their education is special and put everything else down. Chances are the former didn't make the most of their education, and the later are going into huge debt looking for any way they can to justify it.

You want to hear from the modest people who will tell you their school wasn't perfect, but did motivated them to work hard outside of class and hopefully without acquiring massive loans.
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