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DWIII - 3D - Beindulin - Mornie

Name: Mornie
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Cleicon
Pets: Poly permitting I'd like her to have two pets. An otter named Alantie and a ferret called Utulie
Power: Air/Lightning

Artifact: Twin steel-feather fans. All that remains of ancient beings some what akin to living-metal gryphon's. The creature who's feathers were plundered was struck by lightning, infusing the lightning magic along with the air magic it contained already. The feathers were forged with fire magic and with earth magic to bind them together.

Appearance: Long chocolate/red hair worn in intricate plaits and knots all containing spells (Healing, binding ect...). One golden eye one green. Originally both were gold, but upon finding the artifact the combining of it's magic (blue) with her own (gold) changed her. Depending on which magic she's using, both eyes take on that colour. Average height, shapely figure, limbs more muscled then willowy.

Concept art coming shortly (hopefully) I'm very much a procrastinator

Any thoughts, comments ect would be much appreciated. This is pretty much my first character and DW so any help/tips would be fantastic.
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