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SimLab Composer 6 released

SimLab Soft announces the release of SimLab Composer 6.

SimLab Composer 6 is available in 4 editions

SimLab Composer Educational/Hobbyiest
SimLab Composer Pro
SimLab Composer Mechanical
SimLab Composer Ultimate

SimLab Composer 6 is supported on Windows 64 bit (7 and newer) and Mac OSX (10.9 and newer)

SimLab Composer 6 can be downloaded from the following link

SimLab Composer 6 includes great new features including:

Simplified texture baking

Texture Baking, or Rendering to Texture, allows you to create texture maps based on an object's appearance in the rendered scene.

SimLab Composer introduces a very easy and efficient workflow for texture baking to get top quality visualization of your 3D models
Sample texture baked 3D PDF files can be found in the following link
Learn more about texture baking in SimLab Composer at the following link
* texture baking currently is only available on Windows

Animated textures

With animated textures, it is now easy to apply a movie as a texture to visualize TVs and monitors in 3D scenes

Interactive dynamic simulation

New simulation mode developed for real-time Interactive Simulation.
Supports pointer devices, GUI (slider bars), keyboards, and game controllers.

The new version of SimLab Composer takes Simulation to the next level; interactive simulation was added to allow the user to control machines using a Keyboard, or a Joystick.

To learn more about SimLab Composer dynamic simulation, please click the following link

Expo mode

3D models were created for sharing and marketing, and SimLab Composer Expo mode provides you with the best platform to do that.
To view SimLab Composer Expo mode in action please click the following link
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Old 27-06-2015, 10:58 PM   #2
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Currently distributed rendering is for animation.

We are working on extending it for a single frame.

Rendering is fast and utilizes all CPU power in the machine, in most scenes you can complete rendering really fast without the need to distribute the rendering process.
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Old 28-06-2015, 09:21 AM   #3
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No, this should not be a problem.
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