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Originally Posted by ClassicGamer-3DT View Post
Err read the rules timberwo7ves it's a 90 mins challenge

Originally Posted by ocin View Post
thanks guys!

timberwo7ves: I also needed some time to realize that you dont need a turbosmooth on every object. sometimes its enough to bevel an edge here and there.
and like ClassicGamer said: 90 min


Originally Posted by pables View Post
Aye, it's better if you plan before you start modelling, that can be a sketch or simply thinking what you're going to do and an estimate time for every object, this include thinking an aproximate approach, i.e. if it needs to be smoothed or not, if better use splines in a particular object, model only basic parts then clone a lot to add detail.
Of course when you are modelling there can be unexpected issues and maybe you won't have the time to do something, but if all its planned you have a "path" to follow and anticipate when possible, and you wont loose time wondering what to do next while actually modelling.

It's complicated at first, but you'll see is not that hard, and it will get easier each week.
Thanks Ocin and Pables; I'm finding that I'm always working with the smooth preview (with the intention of smoothing later) turned on in Maya but I'll try to see where it's overkill; I guess it also depends on how close the object will be to the camera.

I'll try having a go at this one, in the "90" minutes :suspicious eyes: provided
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