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Attack Combo - Feedback

Hi everyone, totally new to this forum! Nice to meet everyone!
DId a first attempt on an attack combo animation in the link below. Any feedback is welcomed (:


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Hey, nice work! Those are very good poses.

The whole sequence looks a bit monotonic because of the swings having identical timing and spacing. I think varying those a bit, like making some ease-ins/outs different from others, and making different length pauses (there's probably no need for a very long pause between the first two swings) could add more interest to the rhythm and make it more natural.

The other issue is that his arm/shoulder/body don't really react to the hits, making it feel as if he's swinging through air.
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Thanks @insect !

i absolutely agree with you. it has been a general consensus among my peers too that the timing can be further enhanced as well. (: greatly appreciate taking the time out to feedback on this! back to grinding then! (:

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