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what am I doing wrong? and that I need to learn?

what am I doing wrong? and that I need to learn?
help please) I have a problem with coloring..I did not start to add shadows and light. I realized that doing wrong// how to draw it?
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You're posting in the wrong forum, that's what you're doing wrong... Please post in 2D, traditional art and photography gallery next time. : )

As for your painting: there's not one thing you're doing wrong. You're doing a bit of everything wrong: perspective is off in many places, objects aren't constructed right (skull), there's no lighting/shading on objects whatsoever, no shadows (or at least they're not consistent), there's no variation of lighting - everything is lit the same intensity, objects don't read well or aren't distinguished from one another (chair and desk).

My suggestion would be: at this point focus on the basics and learn them well. Otherwise you risk of learning bad habits that will be hard to shake later on. Not to mention that learning more advanced concepts without the basics will be slow and frustrating. So learning basics is a win-win.
A good place for drawing/painting basics would be here: http://www.ctrlpaint.com/library/
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New and aspirant here. Those looks impressive to me already. Surprised there are some bad habits to correct.
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