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Old 30-07-2014, 02:57 AM   #1
Bruno Carareto
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Brunocfer - BlizzardFest - 3d, Mango the insane / Warcraft Druid

Probably way out of my league on this one, but let's have a go.
The idea is from my most played char on WOW, a Tauren resto Druid.
His original name was forgotten together with his ability to shape shift. Forever stuck in this treeform Mango is the only druid who bears fruits. Which fruits? I'm guessing mangoes. Magical Mangoes. Yes.
He is quite ancient, quite mad and quite powerful. Moving aimless among forests of Azeroth Mango is quite concerned about the balance of life and death since he tends to push the scale towards life more than he thinks it's beneficial to the world.
After being persecuted for aeons for his blessed fruits (wich seem to heal even the most brutal of injuries in a matter of seconds) Mango decided now that he is going to do something EPIC. Which i have no idea what it is, but he will be marching on like a, well, angry tree.

Plenty of refs on this one. Using the old Tree of Life Ability for base unit, remembering mango trees in farms from my childhood, a bit of a turtle, a bit of treebeard (every old tree should have a moss beard)... let's see how it goes.
Luckily Treeforms in wow carry medallions, so 3dTotal logo has guaranteed spotlight.

Best of luck to all.

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love this guy already....
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yeah, nice
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