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Exclamation Posting guidelines. Read - and follow.

Hello everyone!

Our off topic forum (OT) has troubled us mods for a while, because of pointless and often hostile arguments and petty fights that have become popular among the posters of OT. We like you, the members, who make out this great forum and we like OT as a place for having fun and getting to know each other better. OT should be bringing all members together (I know of some friendships that were formed in OT) - it has the power to do so but recently it did the opposite. That is what worried us and therefore we have tried to take counter measures. These measures must have appeared random acts at times, they did in any case cause some confusion for which I would like to apologize.

The following posting guidelines were written for OT, but they practically apply to all forums (on threedy and everywhere else on the internet). Please follow them. Bear in mind that we will remove threads that do not compyl with the guidelines without further notice.


...do a search BEFORE you open a new thread. Threads dealing with a topic that was covered in a recent thread will be removed.
It is no shame to re-activate a dead thread!

... post funny flash movies or games - OT is a place for fun!

... post threads that bring members together (such as post your desktop, post your photo, post your car etc.)
We want to know who you are!

... report fishy posts or threads to a moderator!

... talk ENGLISH, spell/type normally. No "leet"-speak, no capitalisation - please!


...openly oppose a moderator or admin. Send questions you have concerning decisions via mail or private message. You are entitled to question our decisions, but the last word remains with us.

... post threads that deal with either of the following:

- Race/Sex/Gender: No pornography, no bashing of either of the genders, no racism will be tolerated (do I have to mention that?).

- Politics: No bashing of politicians, no bashing of countries or nations! Avoid controversial topics that must lead to a flame, such as America's Iraq policy.

- Religion: Be careful when opening threads about religion. They tend to develope to flames, which results in their imediate removal.

... flame or insult! Be aware that failure to comply will result in a permanent ban.

... use swearwords.

... post commercial adds or links to your ebay-auctions.
You may post links to ebay auctions if they are in some way special and/or amusing (like the MiG or the guy who sold all of his life).

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