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Talking 3ds max BOOLEAN problem!

Hi guys.

I'm creating an office interior and have come across a problem already. I'm modelling a monitor which should be no problem at all. However, I'm trying to model the monitor speakers by booleaning alot of little holes. I created an array of cylinders and attached them all. I am trying to cut > refine the cyclinders from the monitor poly. The images below show what the outcome is. It just isnt cutting all the holes correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Boolean won't do the trick if you're subtracting an object containing a lot of polygons from an object that has just a few. You can see the difference in the attached image - the first boolean is created subtracting a lot of cylinders (as one object) from a 6-polygon box and the second is created subtracting the same cylinder object from a box with a bit more segments. Another option would be extruding one spline object which consists of all the necessary closed splines - in this case one rectangle and a lot of circles inside it.
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hello please can someone help me on how to fix this issue..
unable to use boolean after selecting two objects. i mean it goes white whenever i want to use it so am unable to select it.
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