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I just had a long hard look at the contestants to give my votes so I thought I'd drop a few lines here while it's still fresh in my mind. I selected ten from which I chose my winning three so here's a few words about them.

The "other" seven (in no particular order)

CrabPeople: Nice one! You got a proper orcy look to this guy. Can't argue with that lower jaw. You have the big bold shapes in this sculpt, the very fine crisp details and the whole range in between.

D@niel: Nice level of realism to this one. That set of teeth looks nasty

Freesupra: It's the helmet on this one really. Good example of how to take it one step further by adding something apart from the orc itself; clothes, armour, whatever. The cry to the sky also lifts above the level of a frontal mug shot.

kazmamurat: Great level of realism to the facial sculpt and skin detailing on this one.

Macku: In this one it's the whole facial expression, that angry stare and the clenched jaw. Good job.

Sathe: It's the collar on this one I like, looks tight! Together with the helmet there's another example of how the extra effort on the gear paid off.

Topher: This one has good realism, from the design to the pose.

so to the actual winners...

3rd - Jramauri: This one lacked some of the detailing that other entries had but it came out as one of my top three because the foundation of a really good sculpt is still there. He's a big bad orc with proper wargear and a fearsome face. This one says "Orc warlord" like no other entry in the competition.

2nd - MonteCristo: Again, might lack some of the detail work that other pieces had but the design of this one was just great. That is one proper mouse hat. This piece has character. Great job on the costume.

1st - CrimsonKing: This became my winner because it was strong in all areas really. The quality of the sculpt is good in details big and small, no areas left unattended. The face has real character with that sideways angry look and the grin. He's really oozing of orcish viciousness this one. Great job, lot of soul topped of with careful craftsmanship.

Would love to hear anyone's opinions on mine, equally interesting why you might not have picked it as what you liked about it.

All in all great fun! I hope I will be able to throw myself into another one of these challenges soon again.
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