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rendering movie with Vray

Hi everybody
I'm currently working on a full cg movie that takes place in the middleage; I already have done a lot in modeling and texturing, and now i am searching for the best way to render my outdoor scenes (with vray). As I am quite bad in rendering and lighting, I need advices
For now I have tried:
- vray sun + sky
- vray Hdri
- vray Hdri + sun
- vray hdri + sun + vray environnement fog
In none of these tests I have used any other vray lights, i don't know if that's the right choice.
For now, i think my renderings are very flat, and i have to do a lot of postprod (which i am not very good at too...) to make them nicer.

Here is an example of the first scene: rendered with
- vray dome (intensity to 1, vray hdri in texture slot)
- vray sun to 0.8
- vray environnement fog
- the vray hdri is also set in the map environnement slot, i've seen that in a tuto...
the first image is the raw rendering, the second is with a quick postprod; (don't pay attention to the sky wich is really ugly or to the details and errors, i still need to work on it

so, any advice?

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Hey nicco, that is really nice. I like it a lot.

I personally liked more that raw render. You "overdo" the post. Added too much contrast, and therefore you lost some of the atmospheric fog.
I also make these mistakes.
As for the raw render, I would try rendering something very similar, but without over burned sky, and a little bit more atmospheric fog (so you push the castle even further away).
But before that, maybe you should consider making 3-4 towers a lot larger then others, because now, they are all similar size. I think 3 big towers would add a castle a more impressive look, and also it will help you with composition.
You might want to look at this:

As for the colors, I say previously that I liked more the raw render, and maybe you should first think what purpose of that shot is. Is it inviting (warm colors), or you want a coldness. or maybe a mystery/horror mood (green fog and color).
Maybe you should took your raw render, make a smaller res in photoshop, desaturate it completely, and just do a quick overpaint (you can make empty layer above, put it on "overlay" blending mode). Just a 3-4 quick painting, and look in thumbnail size, and decide what version you like the most. You don't need to be a very good painter to do that, just try it, and you will see how easy it is actually. Just try to make colors match each-other (take a look at color harmony tuts).
Here is a very nice sample of what I am talking:
You just don't need to draw it, because you have render.

Keep up the good work, and I can't wait to see update.
Now it's the time to be extreme!
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