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Goyo The Chicken
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Question 3d max object proportions problem

Hi, noob here. So I modeled my character so I could animate it, I link itīs body parts but when I rotate some body part its proportions change awfully, it gets very large or very short. Here are some pictures, first one is the object on its usual and proportioned form, then the head looking up (it gets large) and then the right arm rotated (it gets very short), can someone help me understand what is happening.

Thanks team
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It's likely that you linked your arm to an object that has been scaled non-uniformly. If you don't want to hear the long explanation about transforms and matrices, it's sufficient to say: never EVER scale an object, especially not different amounts in different axis, and especially not if something will be linked to it. Scale the object's subobjects: mesh/vertices/faces/elements/whatever, but never the object itself.

To fix what you have here do this:
1. unlink every object
2. go to utilities and look for "reset xform" utility, use that on every object. Twice, just in case.
3. collapse every object to editable poly/mesh to get rid of the xform modifiers that "reset xform" generates.
4. relink them back again, adjust pivots if necessary.
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