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3DTotal's Free Image Library FAQ & Suggestions

It's Live! It's Here http://freetextures.3dtotal.com - Make sure you bookmark!

This thread is for an ongoing FAQ, feedback and suggestions. This is currently a beta launch, we have new features planned and will adding 1,000's more textures every month but we wanted to kick things off, get it tested and get some feedback.


1. Can I use the images for free?

Yes, as per the licence agreement, you can use any images royalty free within the following work definitions, either private or commercial: video games, printed media, movies, animations, websites, presentations, e-books, e-zines, advertising media, digital media – providing the images are embedded and cannot be easily extracted, so as not to be classified as re-distributing.

2. Can I sell a 3d model and include your images/textures with it?

Yes, you can include textures when bundled with a 3D model, as long as the texture has been significantly modified to map to that model only.

3. Can I use the images in my own library or any other give-away?

No, any other redistribution is strictly forbidden.

4. Can I help you guys in return?

Yes! Number one, please please don't use ad blockers when browsing the image library or any part of 3DTotal.com, we only show relevant ads and they fund the services and site that we can give back to you. If you do ad block add www.3dtotal.com to your whitelist.

We have lots of nice CG products in our shop too, books, mags, training, seamless custom textures

5. Can I contribute to the library with some of my own images?

Yes, we will be adding this functionality soon.

6. Do we give any credits when using the images

Maybe, it's nice if you can but not compulsory, if you can please list URL TO FOLLOW wherever possible

7. How many images can I download per day?

We are launching the service without a limit to see how things go, however the agreement states this library is only to be used as and when you need particular images/textures. Stockpiling and mass downloading are strictly forbidden, please respect this and we may be able to continue limit free!

Please post any more questions feedback here and we will reply asap, thanks, Tom Greenway
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