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Well this is Great! But the design is useless !! I have to click 20 times to get one texture.Why not just first make the image clickable? Also why not make one link to the biggest image instead of one link to the second link

Learn from Cg textures

But the idea is great and i really love textures,But not so much that i have to navigate trow the bad design
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Love the nice shots. lighting, texture and composition. Thanks for providing them in high res!
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Good day,

My first post here. By the way the terms and conditions in the user registration section is barely (if not completely) unreadable w/ black print on dark blue background.

Had no idea this site existed until today, will definitely post a link on my site! I would love information when you open the tools to be able to upload my own images. Over the course of learning and using Cinema 4D I have come to need textures (don't we all)...all for sale or low res. Love the free downloads here. Don't have lots of money but would love to give back with my own textures.

Thanks you guys!

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