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washka, it's very cool to hear your ideas about the meaning and symbolism behind your painting. I could sense that there might be more going on there than just what you see.

in this case it is something that resonates with me on multiple levels. in the more literal sense, it struck a chord in that, even when I was young, whenever I went to a circus I always felt sort of sad when the elephants came out. unlike the other trained animals which just did whatever they were told to do almost automatically, the elephants always seemed like they really did not want to do the tricks. maybe it was just something about their weight and the slow, deliberate way they move. also their eyes tended to show such a tired expression. in many cases they had to wear chains on their legs, even while performing. indeed, it makes you ask yourself if it is worth doing this to an animal for your own entertainment.

also, on the more figurative side, I thought the larger metaphor you explained was quite poignant, with life itself being a circus and we humans having the role of that elephant always "putting on a show," using up our talents for some audience or purpose we do not fully understand, climbing to ever more precarious heights and never knowing when we'll miss our cue and hit the ground without a safety net to stop our fall. circuses really are sort of like strange, exaggerated microcosms of existence, aren't they?

sorry if some of the things I was saying in my last post about your artistic intent not being understood were maybe a bit over-the-top. it's just that from some of your posts I could sense you might have been a little frustrated that your paintings were not reaching your intended target audience, and I was trying to encourage you to just keep doing things your own way, regardless.

anyway, as far as that goes, I think part of the issue might be that since this is nominally a "concept art" challenge, people are perhaps expecting a certain kind of thing, and not necessarily something that actually stands alone with its own internal meaning and so on. with concept art as we normally see it there is always that tension between the level to which a work is a piece of art in its own right and how much it is just a way of communicating a "concept" (i.e. a character, an environment, a vehicle, a mood, etc.). in the professional world, some concept art gets put on posters, ad campaigns, art books, and so on. but the vast majority of it just ends up in piles of so-called "pre-production assets" that never leave the studio where the work is used to help inform the making of some finished product in a different medium, like a movie or game. since this is the often expected purpose of concept art, in contrast to other types of art like illustration and fine art, this might be part of the reason your work is not connecting with people the way you want it to in these challenges.

I guess I'm not really sure where I'm going with this, and I could be totally wrong about it. but, regardless, I can see that you are an artist who is bristling to convey deeper meaning through your paintings, and you seem determined not to be like the elephant, swept up in that wave of uncertainty.

a lot of what determines how people respond to art relates to just the technical execution, but more broadly I think what it might take to get your intent across could come down to clarity of ideas and expressing things in a way that makes people look beneath the surface, and you seem to agree. so I look forward to seeing how your future work evolves. cheers.
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