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How is this image made?


For a long time I follow 3DTotal, but this is the first time I comment on this forum. I hope you can help me with this doubt that I have.

My question is, do you know which painting technique was used in this image? Is it possible to do it with Photoshop?


And finally, some of the books sold in 3DTotal Shop does include some tutorial how to do it?

Thanks for your comments!
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Your link is dead. Please post the image as an attachment, or host it elsewhere, so we can have a look at it.
[edit] Sorry, it was net issues on my part.

It looks like pretty straightforward brush painting without any special techniques. Although the difference in quality between the architecture and the "foreground squiggles" is suspect; it may be stolen concept art that was painted over to hide the artists signature.

Regardless, it was probably painted in photoshop. To do this, get a tablet and start learning the basics of painting.

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