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Symmetry Zbrush problem

Hi, I'm quite new here and very new to Zbrush, I have learnt the basics and went about creating a head sculpture I created a Sphere turned on dynamesh and went to start, I went to turn on symmetry and begin sculpting but when i started to draw on the sphere the x,y and z axis were off quite a bit. I have tried going into deformation and unify (which was suggest on a thread I saw) and using the Resym feature but none of these have worked.
Any help?

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Couple of things to try

Geometry > Position

Set X, Y, Z to zero

Then you can look at mirror and weld to make both sides match.

Note, it's a bit funky, in that it was written by a write handed person.

It takes the right hand side and overwrites the left hand side.

So, you might have to mirror it first.

Just remember, Control-Z is your friend (back out the last action)

Mess with it until you get a result you like.

Final note, look at local symmetry a lot of times, this can make the other
stuff irrelevant. (Can't tell you how many times a sub-tool has been off by
"just a bit".).
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beginner, modelling, zbrush

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