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AVATAR International 2D/3D Art Competition: The 3D Image Judges

*Read & weep with joy at the amazing line up of judges for this competition!*

AVATAR International 2D/3D Art Competition:


3D Image Category:
Alessandro Baldasseroni
David Giraud
Eric Hanson
Francisco Cortina
Jinwoo Lee
Richard Wright
Steve Jubinville
Sze Jones
Valery Plaksin

The Judges (in alphabetical order) - 3D Image Category

Alessandro Baldasseroni

Alessandro Baldasseroni was born in 1973 in Milan, Italy. He always enjoyed drawing as a child and his first experiments in CG were with an Amiga 500. After a computer science diploma in 1989, he started working as a CAD operator in a telecommunications company. Meanwhile he taught himself the fundamentals of 3D graphics and began experimenting with 3D Studio Max. The results were encouraging, so Alessandro was later hired by a local Italian videogame company in 2001 as a generalist. Later on, he began freelancing for various well-known and respected studios, from Flagship Studios, to Massive Black to Blur Studio. In 2007 he joined Blur Studio full time, specialising in character modelling and texturing. In his spare time, Alessandro still loves to make digital illustrations and his artworks have been featured as covers and articles in several international 3D magazines and art books.

Web: http://www.eklettica.com
CGPortfolio: http://baldasseroni.cgsociety.org

David Giraud

Born in Paris, France in 1975, David has spent the last 10 years working in the video games industry. He originally began as a traditional artist before specialising in computer graphics. He worked at various positions from concept artist to level artist to animator, and finally became a character artist. The first big project he worked on at Ubisoft was the original Splinter Cell, then Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time videogames. He later moved to Denmark to work on Hitman Contracts and became lead on Hitman Blood Money from Eidos. He's been back at Ubisoft Montreal for the last two years and has just finished working on Assassin's Creed as a senior character artist. David's focus is on high-res and low-res characters, including modelling, texturing, shaders, lighting and posing. He is also involved in other areas of expertise, from cinematic characters to marketing images and more recently 3D printing.

DeviantART Portfolio: http://mojette.deviantart.com

Eric Hanson

Eric Hanson is a visual effects designer specialising in the creation of digital environments and effects for feature films. Having worked with leading effects houses such as Digital Domain, Sony Imageworks, Dream Quest Images, and Walt Disney Feature Animation, his work can be seen in The Day After Tomorrow, Cast Away, Hollow Man, Mission to Mars, Bicentennial Man, Atlantis, Fantasia 2000 and The Fifth Element, as well as many special-venue films. Eric specialises in 3D work with Maya, Renderman and Shake, and is also an active instructor, leading courses on effects techniques at Gnomon School of VFX and the USC School of Cinema/TV. He has spoken and held workshops at many conventions and universities, and he is a member of the Visual Effects Society and attended the University of Texas at Austin. He recently published the second edition of his book on Maya techniques for Peachpit Press, Maya 6 Killer Tips. He wishes he could sleep more!

Web: http://www.visuraimaging.com

Francisco Cortina

Francisco's digital career began soon after earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Maryland Institute of Art. He got his start working at Johns Hopkins University's Madlab as a medical animator. In 1996 he joined the Japanese video game giant, Square USA, where he worked on several game titles including Parasite Eve and Final Fantasy IX, the animated feature film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and the animated short Animatrix: Final Flight of the Osiris. From 2002-2005 he was at both Dreamworks Animation and Digital Domain, working on several feature films including Sharktale, Aeon Flux and My Super Ex-Girlfriend. He recently finished working on-site at Digital Domain as the modelling supervisor for Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. In 2005 he founded his company, Cortina Digital that provides film-quality 3D character development, consulting and licensing to companies in the games, film and medical industries.

Web: http://www.cortinadigital.com

Jinwoo Lee

After working as an industrial designer for LG Electronics in Korea, Jinwoo moved to the USA and studied 3D modelling at the Academy of Art University and got his masters degree. After graduation he was hired by PDI Dreamworks as a 3D modeller. At PDI Dreamworks he worked on projects like Shrek the Third (2007), Bee Movie (2007), Madagascar 2 (2008), and animated the TV special feature Shrek the Halls (2007). Currently, Jinwoo is a facial modeller at Weta Digital, New Zealand, working on James Cameron's Avatar (2009) project.

Web: http://www.3dmodeler.wo.to
CGPortfolio: http://jjcoolio.cgsociety.org

Richard Wright

Richard studied graphic design in college and first started at Games Workshop working on White Dwarf magazine, doing various layouts. After 4 years, Richard left the design job to work as a freelancer, painting figures and dabbling in illustration. A few years later he went back to Games Workshop as an illustrator, working on floor plans for games and cardboard model kits, etc., as well as painting box art for all of their miniatures and kits. Three years later, Richard landed a job at a computer game company called Particle Systems doing high-definition models, 3D FMV sequences and some concept work for I-WAR, and then for Powerdrome. He later set up ARK VFX with Steve Tappin, Greg Staples and Andy Turner, creating music videos, TV commercials and game FMV. Hes still doing a bit of everything, from concepts, production paintings, modelling and animating to rendering and compositing at ARK VFX. In his spare time he works on illustrations for Wizards of the Coast, Blizzard and Rackham.

Web: http://www.arkvfx.net
CGportfolio: http://ark-vfx.cgsociety.org

Steve Jubinville

Born in 1981, Steve graduated from the NAD Centre and started his career at Skuad Studios, then at CAE Electronics and later at Ubisoft where he worked in the cut-scene department as a character artist. His talent and sense of great detail has brought him to model the main characters of the company's licences, such as Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (2004), Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones (2005), Rainbow Six: Lockdown (2005), Far Cry Instincts (2005) and Assassin's Creed (2007). His film credits also include work as a digital sculptor on 300 (2006), Dinosaurs Alive (2007), Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure (2007), Journey to the Centre of the Earth (2008) and more. Hes currently working at Hybride Technologie in Montreal, Canada as Senior Digital Sculptor. Hes also been teaching at the NAD Centre the organic modelling class and ZBrush for professionals since 2004.

Web: http://www.sjdigitalsculptor.com

Sze Jones

Sze Jones is originally from Hong Kong. At the age of 16, she left to study abroad and completed a visual communications programme at Northern Lights College in British Columbia, Canada. In 1993, she transferred for 2 years and majored in Graphic Design at the Morris County College in the United States. In 1997, she graduated from William Paterson University with a Masters of Art in Computer Animation. She was also attending art classes at Joe Kubert Art Center and comic art seminars at a school of Visual Arts. Right after graduation, Sze got her first job as a character modeller at a local game company, Hypnotix. One year later she was working as a character modeller at a 3D online content creation company, Viewpoint Corporation. For the past 6 years she has been making female characters for Blur Studios game cinematics, filling the role of character modelling supervisor. She has created such CG characters as Kitty Hunting for XSI|Face Robot, Rayne for Blood Rayne2, Keaira for Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, Tyris for Golden Axe: Beast Rider and recently Dark Elf Sorceress for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

Web: http://www.szejones.com
CGPortfolio: http://szejones.cgsociety.org

Valery Plaksin

Valery has been in computer graphics since 1994, and started a career in advertising, television and the printing industry. Hes worked as a freelancer for various studios doing high-poly and low-poly 3D models of vehicles, characters and environments, as well as painting textures. Valery is currently working in the large industrial company on branding and package design, whilst running his own interior design studio. He is also collaborating with several local videogame developers. In his free time he enjoys working on personal 2D/3D projects.

CGPortfolio: http://pichunter.cgsociety.org
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Just checked out the portfolio.
Really cool. A blast from the not so distant past.
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