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So they told me the other day I can teach Maya if I have to instead. They have the software, the only problem is the 2 other teachers at this after school program use Max and Max only.

I'm thinking about just teaching it in Maya, then maybe at the end of the course, having them open up 3D studio Max, and demonstrating how to go about doing the same things in Max. I feel like if I taught them Max at my current level, I could get by, but I wouldn't be able to do as good of a job as with it. Same time I don't want to leave them completely blind going into a 3Ds Max class.

Either way it's only just an introductory course, I'm suppose to give them more of a taste to 3D, and a small introduction to photoshop.
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I think Maya would be better then. If they already have a Max teacher then why do they need you to teach it? Are they "Advanced 3D" teachers?

Either way, there's already a max teacher at the school, but no maya teacher. It's best to learn BOTH. This way, they will be forced to. If the school will be critical about your decision, maybe mention that point along with the fact that you will be able to teach them more in Maya.


Have fun teaching. I wouldn't be able to handle it. I know the shortcuts by finger postion, not by name, so that'd be funny trying to teach people. hahaha. Funny thing is, my teachers are the same.. they perform the action, then say "press the......"*looks down at keyboard*"W key"

And all those photoshop shorcuts that no one remembers :\ "No it's ctrl shift i, not ctrl i!" RAWR..
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Hey Crisp just curious. In your perspective view in max, when you select an edge, does it highlight? It's weird...I can see selected vertices and faces but if I select edge mode and select an edge, it only shows up red in the ortho panels not in perspective.
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