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I' m into 2D Animation :(

I'm currently enrolled and studying 2D Animation and this is a short offered course for 6 moths. I'm mostly interested in 2D work But I am disappointed our teachers taught us only basic. Finishing some works or just fill in the existing work. Any suggestion?
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ɹǝsn pǝɹǝʇsıƃǝɹ
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Animate, ultimately there is only so much that can be taught, wether it's 3D or 2D the same rules still applies. Animation is mostly about having a good sense of timing, motionflow and style. It's like drawing or modelling, you just need to keep doing it untill you develop a sense of how it's done, any input you get from a teacher or book is secondary to what you realize youself by doing it and watching what others have done.

It's like playing an instrument, you can look at a sick guitarist shredding away and you understand that you need to pluck the strings in that same order at the same speed to replicate the sound, even though you understand exactly how it is done you just can't do it without putting in the hours (more like years actully, but you get the point).
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I don't know where your drawing skills are but the better artist you are the easier animating will be. Do gesture sketches to help with people. I used to go to the mall, suck down some starbucks, and just sketch people as they walk by.
Everytime I went I got better and better.
Tjakalen is right. You need to practice and get your timing down. Because my 2d teacher really didn't tell us how to do anything. She just critiqued. And this teacher has worked on numerous Disney films.

practice... Study 2d and stop motion, and remember the 12 principles of animation.

Squash and stretch
Pose to pose and Straight ahead
Follow through and overlapping action
Slow ins and outs
Arcs of motion
Secondary Action
Solid drawing

Make sure you are doing pose to pose (your main keys) before you start tweening.
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