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THE Sculpting Challenge 019: Voting

The 019th Speed Sculpting Challenge final entries are in, and now it's time to decide on our 198th winner! This job rests on you guys - the participants and spectators (please see below to find out if you qualify to give a vote in this challenge!)

Here's all you have to do:
  1. Check out the Speed Sculpt Challenge - 019 - Final Submissions thread

  2. Find your top 3 favorite entries and rank them from first to third, remembering that points will be given as follows: 1st: 3 points, 2nd: 2 points, and 3rd: 1 point

  3. Only the rank and names are required, and we prefer the thread to be kept clean of chatter and such - although please feel free to give reasons as to why you have chosen each of your top 3, and perhaps make some honourary mentions if you wish you could have voted for more

Voting Rules and Restrictions:
  • In order for your vote to be valid, your post count must be 50 or above. The only exception to this rule is if you have contributed a final entry yourself to the 019th challenge.

  • If you want to vote but are not a contributor of this 019th challenge, you need to have been registered on the Threedy Forums for at least the last six months, as well as have 50 posts already to your name.

  • It goes without saying that all voters must look through each of the entries before posting their score, and only entries from the final submissions thread are valid.

  • There can no longer be ties between competitors, so in the case of a tie, the one with most 1st place votes will be considered the winner ( in the reluctant case of no 1st place votes for either, the one with most 2nd place votes wins; in the near impossible case of no 1st or 2nd place votes for the tie, may God help us all ).

  • Don't vote for yourself - it's just not that cool! And you'll just annoy the dragons.

Deadline for all votes: 21th November 12:00PM GMT+0

There is just one week to vote. We will add up all the points and announce the winner shortly after the end of Voting (or earlier if the 3DT team see it fit to end the voting sooner - i.e. if there have been no votes for over 24 hours)

Good luck to all and happy voting!
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