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And here is the Medusa I used for final entry. I have adjusted those eyes a bit in photoshop to make them more lively.

As for making them "lethal" I didnt go that way, because the legend says entire head was dangerous, not just eyes. I think it has been Clash of Titans that introduced killing eyes.

And as for making the head paler, decayed, or even monstrous... that would have been "cheating" on my part. I mean I intended to do the head in "classic" fashion, as it has been portrayed by Caravaggio, or Rubens - female head with snakes for hair. That way it has been more challenging. Well at least for me

Doing decayed head would have been a way out of lips, nose, and feminine features. It would have been fun, but it would not have been a challenge
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I accept with information: It is most likely you know this weapon; If you dont know this weapon, it is almost certain you have seen it on a picture; It is unique. There is only one - no copy of it ever worked; It truly is legendary (in all meanings of the word).
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the great thing about scoring goals in pes is that they feel like u actually created them. I may not be explaining this well but compare it to fifa, it just feels way more mechanical and doesnt have the same effect as pes when scoring
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