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Archeris - Dominance war.

Well I am not be able to finish because im undegoing surgery in 3/4 weeks but i wanted to share my conept and story with you guys, and work on it anyways to do up more experience (because i really need some more experience :P)

The story:
Working as a researcher at polycounts lab for cybernetic implants and mechanics, professor Deadalus agreed with the other researcher to conduct experiments with his body for the cybernetics. First there were only small tests but after a while whole limbs were being replaced. Until the day something went terrible wrong…

Deadalus didn’t want to conduct any more tests on his already heavy modified body but they forced him by taking hostage his family in order to make him do it. They removed almost everything of his body accept the head and added a big mechanical body under it.

The other researchers thought he was still unconscious when they wanted to take him back to his prison. But Deadalus wasn’t. He ripped the hoses and the chains lose and made a run for it. The new body he had acquired was very bulky and it took him awhile to figure out how to walk but he didn’t have much time because they would soon know about his escape and kill his family. He rushed at an incredible speed back to his house. When he arrived he heard gunshots. He bashed open the door and saw his family lying dead on the ground.

The polycount guards had just killed his family before him. He got so mad an infuriated. He rushed to the guards and ripped them apart. All that was left of his humanity was gone now. The only thing he wanted was to kill as many of the polycounts society as possible. After fighting and killing for nearly 5 years an explosion occurred that blew their entire militant planet apart.

He woke up between new consciousness in machines (3dtotal). Now, with a determination inherited from the weapons they were created with, he slowly gathered a force to purge the system of all other forms of life.

Early stage of concept :P

I might make it more smooth and rounder. Its just an early stage of concept.
name: Dirk Jan Swart
From: The Netherlands
Software: 3DS max, Photoshop,

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I wish you a speedy recovery after your surgery. Three weeks is still enough time to get a lot done though, even if you are unable to finish. Like you said, it's worth doing for the experience alone. Also, it might be a good distraction instead of thinking about your upcoming surgery.

I like your character's story. I think it would be interesting if he had a bunch of mismatched parts/limbs because of all the experiments imposed on him. I guess the trick would be to somehow show the suffering of his tortured soul by the way he looks.

Anyway, I say do as much as you can. You could finish it up later.
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