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Old 20-05-2009, 08:52 AM   #241
Creos 3D
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Great Unreal screen shoots, with your character
amazing stuff.
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Really nice project, great sculpting!
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Hey Agent-X, congratulations on finishing. Turned out really nice. You definitely made the right choice entering in the Unreal challenge.

Anyways I wish you best of luck on getting that reel together and landing a job in the game (or film) industry. I'm struggling to do so myself. It's damn difficult trying to break in. Over the past month I've applied for an internship at about 15 studios in OC and LA counties with zero success and a shrinking bank account. Hopefully you'll have better luck than me:

Thought this site might help you find jobs in the LA area:
I was pretty excited when I found it.

Who knows, maybe someday we'll be working together.

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Yeah landing a job in the industry is a bitch. It took me almost a full year after graduating college to land my first job. During that time I had nearly replaced all of my college art with new work from the time after graduation. I also spent a lot of time during that year researching and learning how to make decent low poly game art.

I worked for my company for about a year and created assets for three published games. Unfortunately the company hit hard times and cut most of the art team. Despite my experience and constant portfolio updates/improvements I am still unable to find another job in the industry. I've been applying now for almost a year after leaving my previous job and a phone interview is the closest I've come to a new position. Times are tough and there is more competition now then times previous.

It's hard not to get discouraged, but the best advice I can give is to keep at it and constantly improve your work. Study the masters out there, both old and new. Learn why their work is so amazing and strive to produce something of the same quality. I've improved more over the past year than any time before, mainly because I am so motivated to reach the levels of these pro artists. I know I have a long way to go yet, but its encouraging to look back and see how far you've come.

I remember reading an interview with a very talented character artist and one of the things he said was- as an artist its not a question of if, but a question of when.

If you keep at it, constantly strive to improve, and don't become discouraged you will succeed. I understand what you're going through, I'm in the same boat right now. Just keep at it man, it will happen.
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Wow! Thank you guys so much for responding back and leaving such great advice and sympathetic comments and what not. I greatly appreciate everything you guys have done. Yeah, it is very tough out there. The closest I have come to actually working on games is being in the mod thing, using the Unreal engines. Yeah, I have asked several recruiters and they said they are cutting back and not hiring new artists. I have even came across a company that said they are trying to find work for employees from another company to save their workers, because a game just ended. So yeah, It is extremely tough. I have been trying for a very long time as well throughout the 10 years I have been doing 3d. Like everyone tells me, all I can do is keep applying, creating art, and learn from those who are working in the industry and better than me. I might end up going back to school, to try to better my skills in other areas than just modeling, like rigging, and animation. We will see. I am sure eventually I will get companies interested in me. Like you guys say, just a matter of time. I have worked doing 3d before, so I know I can do it again. Just a matter of when. Anyways, thank you guys so much, I greatly appreciate everything. I learned a lot from Domincance War. 3D Total you guys rock. Thanks. Peace!
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