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AdvArray - 3ds Max Parametric Array Modifier

hello everyone, I've recently created a parametric array modifier for 3ds max. I think it may be very useful for many peoples workflows. please check it out and see if it's useful for yours.

Use for all sorts of parametric placement needs. Linear or radial arrays are common, but also various oscillating arrays. You can add random variation to any array. You can even use a path to control array placement. The array can be used on various object types such and shapes or poly/mesh geometry. You can even instance it across various object types to get synchronized arrays. Use it to array complex repeating topology and weld it together later. There’s also a number of animation features you can use to get some cool motion graphics. There’s even some advanced features for controlling material ids or offsetting UV’s.

Take a look at the documentation for more information: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AF8vbEk-7BagjMo4

also check out a little video of the modifier in action!: https://youtu.be/pojY1O6kXAw

you can access the product page here: https://apps.autodesk.com/ACD/en/Det...ng=en&os=Win64

I hope the price is fair for the value it brings. please let me know if you have any comments or questions, i'm always open to feedback.

also, check out my friend Henning Lande's artwork: https://landetls.artstation.com/ . his feedback drove many of the best features in the modifier.
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