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ATOMHAWK 3D - WIP - Discmage

I'm going to go nuts and enter this AND the DW I think...I assume I won't finish...I'm in it to focus on improving my speed if anything, maybe pick up a few new skills on the way.

That said, I'm going all out on the concept...not in effort, but representation.

The thought I have so far is an american indian (the whole hawk/tomohawk thing) that finds an actual tomohawk that can manipulate time and/or dimensions... which is where the 'atom' thing comes in...its SO cheesy, but it seems to be stuck in my head...maybe I have to get it on the screen to get it OUT of my head and move onto something a bit more 'proper'. This character has to travel through time in order to...um...save his tribe from...people...that...um, do stuff.

I may think on it some more
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