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Maya Duplicate Faces Polygon Problem

I am modeling one of SimplyMaya's tutorial models. I am having a repeating problem with objects I create. I am finding that my objects have duplicate faces, each face has a duplicate face in the same space.

I have checked to see if maybe I duplicated the object twice by mistake. I move the object over to see if there is a dup in the same space, but that is never the case.

It is one object with duplicate faces only.

This is very frustrating because when I am creating my UV maps I get twice as many pieces to sew together. I have to go back and click on each face of the object and delete the duplicate faces then go and merge all the vertexes.

These are polygon objects that have been converted back and forth between polys and subdiv's.

Any ideas on how I can keep these from reoccuring?

Thanks in advance.


It just occured again. I switched a poly object to subdiv and then back to poly and the "new" object had two faces and now I have two sets of overlapping UV maps.

This is a object I just finished the UV map on.


I swear maya can be so weird sometimes. Ok, I went and switched the object to faces and just selected all the faces and then hit delete. This appeared to fix the problem of the duplicate faces except for one face. It killed all the duplicate faces in the object except for one.

This one refuses to be deleted. I have clicked on it at least a couple dozen times and tried to delete it without success.

Any ideas?


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Astinus, if you create a polygon primitive, has it duplicated faces from the begining ? or
just happen after tweaking ?
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I have not been able to re-create the problem with simple cubes.

Ok. Here is another example of my problem. It creates a face at the edge of the object.

1. I delete the edge face and then move it over to show that it now is disconnected and I have to reconnect the edges.

2. Reveals the face that should not be there.

3. This is how the edge looks all the way around.
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