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3dmax scripting problem!

I was going through 3dmax's sample tutorial on character rigging,which i

followed well except for the spine rigging(wiring bones to 'stretchable' attribute).
Here the problem is that when i open the 'maxscript listener' ,and after i

type 'curveLength $splineIKSpineCurve' which has been instructed in the

tutorial, and i press enter,it dosen't give any numbers but a statement that (No

""curveLength"" function for undefined).
What is the problem i cant figure it out,because i am complete novice when

it comes to scripting or rigging.Please help!!
Thanks for the help in advance.
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is the curve named 'splineIKsplineCurve' IKSplineCurve - its giving and undefined for the variable of the function i.e the curve doesnt exist.
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