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Vaper de kin
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Dominance War V - 3D - Daeya, goddes of diversity - Vaper de kin

Hello and welcome to my 3D WIP page.
Thats my first Dominance war competition, and the last one (why do I need participate in others DV, when I win DV5? =)) So why should I win not with the best 3D forum?
First of all I want to tell the story of how to my mind came idea of this goddess.
The amazing thing - static electricity, especially I always wondered how your hair reacts to it. I was familiar with the girl, whose hair is constantly recharged by electricity and embraced everything, especially during sex. This is absolutely not scare me, but caused some strange feelings. When I learned that I have to model the god (or goddess), I remembered this incident.

Something like this... but her hairs was not red.
So my goddes has a long hair and able to do a variaty of thigs with it becouse of diversity. In my mind goddes is siting on the chair of hairs, wears no clothes (there is no nudity becouse of long heir! Dont worry, kids), and do variaty of things with her hair. Maybe tomorrow I will show you concepts, but if I was able to draw concepts good enough, I'd better try 2D chalenge =). So don't be too critic to my drawings.
First of all I am the storyteller and cannot create any character, especcialy goddes, without her story. Sorry guys, for a lot of letters.

God Stories

The Creation
Nobody knows what was created first – the first gods, the world or eternity. Someone may think, that eternity has always been, but it is not. All in this world, like the world itself, was created. The problem is that nobody can remember how, when and by whom was created original space and where did this something or someone came from.
All we know is that there were four first gods. It is believed that initially, these gods could do with the world anything that they like to, end they needed no other gods or creations, to live in harmony. Well… at least it was for some time. The problems began after the gods grew bored without any children and the decided to create them. Thus were born two new gods: Daeya and Lurk.

The beginning of memories
Lurk was the first child in god-family, that’s why he was very spoiled. In addition of the pranks, Lurk very liked experimenting with alchemy, and, thanks to it, he getting various substances.
One morning, all the gods woke up, feel themselves like in a major hangover and could not remember anything at all. Of course, they understood that are the gods, because other creatures could not exist, but they cannot remember anything else.

As it turned out later, Lurk, as an experiment, mixed with water some potion for the whole family. Even little sister, he poured it into the baby’s bottle. But he did not drink potion by himself.
Gods began to ask him what was before their memory loss, how the world was created, when was created a time etc. But Lurk could not answer these questions, because all it existed a long time before him and he was not able to answer. Then gods asked him about their names, but he also cannot tell them because their names always were too hard to remember for him. He called them simply – four gods or Fourgod, because the always worked together as one single god. Since then, the gods are known by the single name Fourgod.
Fourgod forgot how to use all his abilities, except one – to create something. Then he decided to create many of gods, which will be able to do the res.
After this case, Lurk was called the god of pranks.

The emergence of diversity
Even if Fourgod had learned how create anything, but all creations were exactly the same, the world was not enough diverse. Daeya did not like this part of world order too much. All her childhood she played with one single toy - the Rubik's cube. Actually there was a whole cloud of these cubes, but absolute the same. After that she did not like the fact that all gods are similar to each other.
Due to the astronomically strong desire to be different from her relatives, she had grown her hair so long that they could reach anything. Lurk cannot understand and constantly pulled her hair. Some time later, Daeya learn how to change things so that they differed from the others, thus obtained absolutely unique items in the world.

Fourgod very likes variety of things, and now every creation touched by the Daeya long hair, leaving her hairs in every object. That’s why all children are born looked like, and then only after touching by Daeya, they get different.

The new Lurk`s look
Although Lurk always teased his younger sister, he did not want to look like Fourgod too. But Daeya did not like Lurk because of all his pranks and was not interested in changing his appearance. Then Lurk planned of something not good.
The fact is that sometimes Daeya goes to visit her sister, Raga - the goddess of arts, where they take aromatherapy. Lurk decided to mix with aromatic oils his new potion. Potion effects on goddesses so they cannot refuse anyone in anyting. And so he managed to persuade Daeya change his appearance. But Daeya was heavily drugged by his potion and accidentally left in Lurk whole strand of hair.
So Lurk got the opportunity to change his appearance, but could not take the shape of a real existing object. This enabled him to invent yet more antics.

Check later my Animation-WIP-thread for the story about god of destruction and god of war
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